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Get, Set…and Bolt!

by Ragini Puri
Tata Bolt

TATA, the name that stands synonymous for TRUST. A name that does not believe in hyperboles, or larger than life brand imagery. I am lucky that I have had many first hand Tata experiences – first as a resident of steel city Jamshedpur, and later as a part of the Tata Nano Drive with MTV travel show. While the few years I spent in Jamshedpur gave me exposure to the applause-worthy work ethics of the Tata brand and it’s various social initiatives under the CSR drive, the Tata Nano experience gave me an opportunity to understand how the brand is working towards bringing affordable quality products and services to the middle class. And this fondness and respect for the Tata brand have only grown deeper with time.

So when the popular blogging platform Blogadda invited bloggers to learn more about Tata’s latest offering in the hatchback segment, I really looked forward to the opportunity of getting to know the Tata Bolt first hand. The hatchback was first unveiled at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo and since it’s unveiling there had been a considerable amount of curiosity attached to it.

Shopping malls and showrooms across the country are showcasing this dazzling car, and though I live in Delhi, I decided to check out the car in Amritsar, as I was travelling to the city with my family, and thought it would be great if my car-loving dad and brother too could check out the car, as we are all avid road trippers and best cars for road trips is always a prominent topic in all our ‘inside-the-car’ car conversations. So there we were, at the AlphaOne Mall in Amritsar, with the single point agenda of checking out the brand new Tata Bolt.

The first impression of the Tata Bolt was a winner.
The attractive bright red colour of the car was painting a glamorous picture and I was hooked. Now let me be honest here, I am no car geek. I understand car basics al-right, thanks to my 3-weeks rendezvous with Tata Nano, but for getting a better grasp of the finer mechanics of a car, one needs to have an expert at hand, and I am glad my brother was with me, for he is a car geek.  At the Bolt arena, while I got busy admiring the glitzy exteriors of the car and it’s sporty design, my brother got busy interacting with the Bolt team present there and later helped me understand the technical aspects of the car in simple, easy to understand terms.

So if you too are a car novice like me, here are a few pointers to understand the features that make the Tata Bolt a sure winner in the hatchback segment.

But first, for the uninitiated, here’s a primer about the car –

First unveiled at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo, the Tata Bolt was launched in January 2015. A sporty hatchback model with young and stylish design, the Tata Bolt is a multi-drive vehicle with Sport, Eco and City mode drives. Sports mode is for a burst of power on highways, Eco mode for excellent fuel efficiency and City mode for a balance between the two.

Tata Bolt price ranges from Rs. 4.45 lakhs to 7 lakhs. (Ex-showroom price)

Young design language, refined sporty looks, unique multi-drive system, spacious and comfortable interiors…the TATA BOLT is a car that has upped the coolness quotient in the Indian automobile scene. The car won me over for sure and I can’t wait to Get. Set and Bolt in a shining red Tata Bolt of my own! Here are 5 Tata Bolt features that make it stand apart from its competitors – features that make it stand apart and am sure they will win you over too!

1. Young Design: Sporty and Stylish

Like I mentioned earlier, the sporty and attractive look of the Tata Bolt is a sure shot winner – it captivates and invites a casual onlooker to come and give it a deeper look. And though the looks had already won me over, the Bolt team at the arena helped me understand the ergonomics behind the design better.


While the above-mentioned design features add to the sporty look of the Bolt, it’s interiors too has a snazzy look about it. The Java Black interiors give the car a very athletic look and feel. And the icing on the interior cake is the 5-inch Harman touchscreen infotainment system with a plethora of smartphone integration features!


2. Powerful Performance with Multi-Drive Option


Another feature that won me over was the built-in MULTI-DRIVE feature that lets a driver switch between three driving modes – Sport, Eco and City. With just one switch, one can go from raw power to a relaxed drive. How convenient given the Indian terrain, from smooth expressways to pothole-ridden city roads to winding mountains trails. Choose your mood to match the road you are on and the mood you are in!

And Tata Bolt’s powerful and versatile performance is courtesy of India’s first Revotron* 1.2 litre turbocharged MPFi petrol engine.

*Revotron – The name Revotron is an amalgamation of Revolution and the French word ‘tronel’, meaning ‘balance’. It conveys the essence of this engine brand that uses key technological advances to revolutionize and balance great driving manoeuvrability, without compromising on power or fuel efficiency.
The Revotron 1.2T has been designed based on extensive feedback from car owners and expert drivers from across the globe; observing their driving habits followed by extensive testing in gruelling climatic conditions in India as well as in other countries like the UK and Korea.

The 1.2-litre Revotron turbocharged MPFi engine delivers an output of 90PS and peak torque of 140Nm while the diesel version with 1.3-litre Quadrajet engine churns out 75PS and 190Nm.

3.  Ride Quality, Space and Safety

Another feature that struck a strong chord with me was the comfort factor, thanks to the superior cabin space. All Tata cars are known for their spacious cabins and the Tata Bolt is no exception. The wide opening door and tall stance of the car make it easier to slide into the cabin and the back seat comfortably accommodates three passengers.

While the spacious cabin ups the comfort factor, many other in-built features ensure a stress-free as well as convenient riding experience The first-in-class* touch controlled FATC (Fully Automatic AC with Controls) keeps the car temperature regulated automatically, the body hugging rugby shoulder seats ensure better back support and speed-sensitive steering gives improved steering stability. The steering wheel also comes with integrated smart controls, giving more control of the car.

4. ConnectNext Touchscreen Infotainment System

Another big USP of the Tata Bolt is the exclusively designed gen-next ConnectNext Touchscreen Infotainment System by Harman (TM) – a seamless coming together of entertainment and technology. Being rooted as the future of connectivity, this specially designed high-resolution touch-screen is smart and easy-to-use – making entertainment on the go super convenient.

From music to phone calls to maps, to photos and videos, it puts everything at your fingertips. For better navigation on the road, there is a navigation system developed in collaboration with MapMyIndia that uses an android smartphone to help reach the destination with ease. with This touch-screen system is easy to pair your phone with, and can even be used to operate the climate control system. Check out this video for some fun details about this cool feature.

5. Great Value for Money

Given the features of the car – the look, space and ride quality, the Tata Bolt is great value for money. In Delhi, the ex-showroom price tag goes from Rs. 4.45 lakhs to Rs. 7 lakhs. And considering the price and the high-tech features like 3-driving modes and the touch-screen infotainment system, it is, without a doubt, a smart buy. And if the crowd at the Bolt arenas across the country is anything to go by, the Tata Bolt is already making a mark in the market.

And that’s me posing with the dazzling red Tata Bolt! I had a wonderful time exploring the car and learning about the finer tech specs that make this new Tata kid on the block such a winner.

Thanks, Team Blogadda for the opportunity! And needless to say, I am really looking forward to get set and bolt on this one sometime soon! 🙂

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Sharmila Rao February 6, 2015 - 3:01 am

🙂 Bolt down in your Bolt to Goa

admin February 6, 2015 - 7:56 am


Kalpanaa Misra February 6, 2015 - 8:05 am

Wow – you did test drive it? Hope we're going to see you at the blogger meet on 13.2.15 at 18.30. Details on my blog http://www.kalpanaawrites.com Sorry to have added the link here. I would love you to come 🙂


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