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Travelling and Travel Blogging

by Ragini Puri
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I love travelling and sharing my travel stories here on my blog.  It’s a collage of my beautiful experiences on the road – experiences with people, places, cultures and traditions and last but in no way the least, my experiences with the native food of the places I visit.

I love travelling for it gives me the freedom to be me. I love climbing hills and mountains, wandering around trails shadowed by huge pine trees, crossing new streets, waking up as a stranger in a strange town, meeting new people, making new friends, eating new food, experiencing new culture – in fact taking in everything that a place has to offer!

If I were to tell you about my favourite trips and travel memories, then this one sided conversation would probably just go on and on. So I will tell you about one of my favourite trips – It was when I went all the way up to Mcleodganj in Himachal Pradesh and stayed there on my own for a couple of months.

The lovely family I lived with!

In Mcleodganj, I lived with a local family who took care of my lodging and boarding, and my days there were spent wandering deep into the mountains exploring the waterfalls and local tribes settled there. I also participated in quite many adventure and volunteering activities there. One volunteering activity that I always cherish would be working at a child care centre looking after Tibetan kids who either had a single parent going to work daily or were parent less. I think this was a great experience, contributing my bit as a traveller.

Here are some pictures from the days spent at Mcleodganj.

Hanging out with the kids

How you doing little one?

That’s the naughtiest one there!

How’s this for breakfast?

Monks practicing debating religious discourses

The Indrahar Pass beckons

Resting at the Forest House at Triund, high up in the Dhauladhar Range

 Hope you enjoyed the post! Looking forward to hear your travel stories and feedback! Keep travelling!

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