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Rediscovering Old Passion with Micromax Canvas Tab P666

by Ragini Puri
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It’s the last day of the year today and as I sit back and reminiscence about the year gone by, I cannot help but marvel at the fact that how busy I had been all through this year. Travelling, working, shifting homes, and then some more travelling, I was constantly occupied with something or the other. As a travel enthusiast who is always ready to pack bags and set out for a new journey, this year was pretty satisfying. From fancy FAM trips to physically trying long road trips, I experienced it all. While the thought of all the stunning places I explored and the amazing people I met gives me a sense of happiness and contentment, there’s just one nagging thought that keeps creeping in – the thought of many a tasks either left undone or abandoned before it could cross the completion line.

What tasks, you must be wondering. Well, despite my claims of being a travel blogger, many of travel stories and experiences are yet to see the light of the day on my travel blog. And this thought not just gives me many a restless moments but also embarrasses me no end. What kind of travel blogger I am, if I cannot be punctual and thorough in keeping my blog updated with stories and photos from all my travels. How is the world to know that I explored the Khajuraho temples? How are my blog readers to know about my experience of climbing up the Batu Caves in Malaysia? Of course I plead guilty to procrastinating blog posts, but then I also have an excuse to put forth in my favour – my bulky laptop that is quite heavy to tag along on trips and my substandard so-called smartphone – for it’s not smart enough to take good quality travel photos, nor is it quick enough to help me upload the photos on my blog and other social media platforms! I cannot sigh enough at my loss of enthusiasm and lack of passion for regaling friends and family with travel trivia and anecdotes.

The Khajuraho story waiting to be told

And while I crib about my sub-standard phone and the bulky laptop, a friend has just introduced me to an interesting gadget that in all likelihood can take good care of my blogging and social media woes. It’s the Micromax Canvas Tab P666 – a sleek tablet that can also be used to make voice calls. A quick look at it’s slim and symmetrical design and I was hooked and curious about its specifications! And this demo video helped with all that I wanted to know about this fancy tablet!

So here’s my new year resolution now – getting more social media savvy and posting regular travel updates on my blog! And the sleek Micromax Canvas Tab P666 is going to help me with achieve my goal and rediscover my passion for blogging and sharing travel photos with the world! So now if you see more of my updates and content share on the various social media platforms, and of a regular flow of travel stories, you will know where it is all coming from! 🙂

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