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Mirza Ghalib’s Memorabilia

by Ragini Puri
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In my last post on Mirza Ghalib’s haveli in Delhi, I had shared photos of the main hall where Ghalib’s marble bust is installed.
Here are some more photos from the haveli and the Ghalib memorabilia displayed inside.
Ghalib, born in Agra in 1797, stayed at this haveli between 1856 to 1869.

Ghalib trivia on display – his letters, and photos of his previous residences

His popular couplets adorn the walls of the haveli

This one’s one of my favourites

Ghalib’s around, he’ll always be around

Ghalib’s Chausar on display

Playing chausar was one of Ghalib’s favourite pastimes

Ghalib had great passion for chess too

The courtyard

Parting thought

This all from Ghalib’s haveli. Wrapping the post up with one of his many immensely popular compositions- 

Na tha kuch to khudaa tha, kuch na hota to khudaa hota,
Duboyaa mujhko honay ne, na hota main toh kya hota ?

Hua jab ghamm say yoon behiss to ghamm kya sarr kay katnay ka,
Na hota gar juda tann say to zanoon par dharaa hota,

Huyee muddat key ‘Ghalib’ marr gaya par yaad aata hai,
Wo har ek baat par kahna, key yun hota to kya hota?

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