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The Taj Mahal in Photos – Part 2

by Ragini Puri
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The introduction to the Taj Mahal is spellbinding – the bedazzling opulence, the extravagance, the grandeur – it all leaves one awestruck. And when the spell finally breaks, it’s time to feel this marble marvel from close quarters.

Time to get up close and personal

The main dome, with the gilded finial 
(A finial is an element marking the top of some object.
 In architecture, it’s added decoratively to emphasize the apex of a dome, spire or roof)
Finial of the dome of the Taj Mahal.
The finial was originally made of gold, but was replaced by a bronze copy in the early 19th century.
The finial is topped by a moon, a typical Islamic motif whose horns point heavenwards.
Intricate floral motifs and calligraphy depicting verses from the holy Quran. 
Intricate Pietra Dura work on the walls of the Taj Mahal
Pietra Dura or Parchin Kari is the term used for the inlay technique of using polished coloured stones to create images.
This decorative artwork using precious and semi precious stone has extensively been used in the Taj Mahal.
Another brilliant sample of the Pietra Dura work. What craftsmanship!
Beautiful mix of marble carvings and Pietra Dura on one of the walls
This photos is from the inside of the tomb hall. Photography is prohibited here,
but the artwork is so captivating that one can’t help but sneak out the camera to capture them.
Another sneaked photo. 
This is the intricate marble jali screen that surrounds the cenotaphs of Emperor Shah Jahan and Queen Mumtaj Mahal.
The inside of the tomb complex is all about marble extravagance with calligraphy, floral motifs and jali work filling every bit of the place.

More photos from around the Taj Mahal complex in Part 3.

If you liked the photos here, then there’s Part 1 too – An Introduction to the Taj Mahal.

Looking forward to your feedback!

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