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Malaysia and Its Many Flavours

by Ragini Puri
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Every time I read about Malaysia or see a tourism programme on the country or watch its many ‘Malaysia, Truly Asia Campaigns’, I am left mesmerized. Natural wonders, adventure delights, historical sites, stunning skyscrapers, grand malls and theme parks, the exhaustive variety of flora and fauna – Malaysia has them all! It’s like there are many Malaysias within Malaysia.

While planning my Malaysia trip, I virtually lived and experienced quite a bit of Malaysia. The history lover in me fell for the famous heritage sites there, while the natural lover me went nature trailing across the ancient rain-forests and caves, and when it came to pep up for some adrenaline rush, I had choices galore, thanks to the many adventure sites and activities that Malaysia boasts of.

This post talks about quintessential Malaysia – one look and even those who have not been there and have only read or heard of the place, know that this is Malaysia. If I am to go for a quick familiarization trip to Malaysia, these are the top 5 experiences I would love to be a part of.

1. Look down from the skybridge connecting the Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Twin Towers, the pride of Malaysia is iconic, to say the least! At 451.9m, Petronas Towers is the world’s tallest twin structure. The sky bridge that links the two towers is also the world’s highest two-storey bridge! It would be super thrilling to stand there and take in the view of glittering Kuala Lumpur city from the height! But there’s a catch there! The tickets for the skybridge are limited to about 1000 visitors a day, so I will have to make sure, I am in time to be included in the fist 1000! 🙂

Iconic Petronas Twin Towers


Take in the view of the city from the skybridge

2. Amusement at Genting Highlands, Pahang

Genting Highlands is fun! There’s too much to do there! One of the major tourist attraction in Malaysia, Genting Highlands is a hill resort with hotels, theme parks, a casino and a variety of other entertainment options! This resort offers entertainment for the whole family – fun rides, theme parks, dining options, souvenir shops et all. It’s just an hour’s drive for capital Kuala Lumpur, making it easier to travel and spend a day having fun there if one is based out of Kuala Lumpur! If I land up in Malaysia, I would love to hang around here and enjoy all the rides!

Fun rides galore!


Fun for the family

Fun for the family

3. Go island hopping at Langkawi, Kedah

The very popular Langkawi island! This exuberant hot-seat of Malaysian tourism would be the perfect place to wrap up my nature trailing Malaysian trip! Langkawi is part of an archipelago of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea and has quite a few fascinating myths and legends associated with it – all revolving around the many clans that ruled the island in the days of yore.

Declared a Global Geopark by UNESCO in 2007, Langkawi boasts of stunning natural beauty – pristine beaches, mangroves rich in flora and fauna, lush forests, limestones caves, and a thriving underwater world! How exciting it would be to explore the mangrove forests here, or go on island hopping tour or go sky-walking across the 700m high Sky Bridge to take in the spectacular vista of the surrounding islands!

Cruising along the islands

A walk across the Sky Bridge to take in the stunning vistas

A walk across the Sky Bridge to take in the stunning vistas

4. Pray at the Batu Caves Temple, Selangor

Batu Caves! A popular tourist attraction in Selangor, about 15 km north of Kuala Lumpur, it is an iconic Hindu temple and shrine. The Caves comprise of a series of limestone caves and cave temples, that are said to be over 400 million years old. Besides the caves, a large statue of the Hindu God, Lord Murugan, forms a part of this magnificent cave complex. It would be a great experience to be here and marvel at the great minds who discovered these caves and were inspired to build a temple here.

The iconic Batu Caves, with the statue of Lord Murugan

Steps leading to the Batu Caves


5. Wrap it all up with lunch at the revolving restaurant at Kuala Lumpur Tower

Would not it be a befitting end to my Malaysia tour! Enjoying fine Malaysian cuisine while taking a bird’s eye view of the city of Kuala Lumpur! KL Tower is the world’s seventh tallest telecommunications tower and the highest viewpoint in Kuala Lumpur that is open to the public. The revolving restaurant here gives the diners a panoramic view of the city!

The gorgeous KL Tower!


Dine here, while taking in the panoramic view of the city!

So this sums up the experiences that I would love be a part of on my quickie trip to Malaysia! Brochures inviting tourists to the city say ‘To Know Malaysia is to love Malaysia’.  Hope I soon get to travel there and experience it all first hand. With that it’s a wrap – hope you enjoyed reading this post. Do share your thoughts!

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