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5 Tips to Travel Like a Pro!

by Ragini Puri
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I love all aspects of travelling–from impromptu short trips to planning long breaks, from instant packing to lazy putting together of stuff, from airport check-in routine to getting around in a new city, nothing about travel overwhelms me. Of course, this love and assuredness only developed gradually, for when I started off, I was doing the same mistakes that I now observe many rookie travellers doing. Over packing, not planning itineraries and carelessness with travel documents are just some of the niggling issues that mar the excitement of travelling.

So here are some tips that cover planning, packing and health to help you get travelling like a pro.

Tips to Travel Like a Pro

1. Put Together a Travel Checklist

A checklist is a huge help in keeping your travel plans organised and sorted. From packing essentials and foreign currency to apps you need in your phone, note down everything in this checklist. Keep checking off the list items that you have packed or have taken care of, so you have an idea about how the trip planning is shaping up.

2. Pack Light, Pack Smart

One cannot emphasize enough the importance of packing light. There was a time when I used to pack double the stuff I actually needed during a trip. Yes, I did that. I would plan for all kind of contingencies, only to be bogged down by bags that were too heavy for me to lug around. Moreover, almost always I would return home with unused clothes and other stuff. So be a prudent packer, and pack smartly to avoid the hassle of being stuck with unnecessary luggage. Sort out your things in neat compartments and try to keep a set of designated area for certain items such as passport, house keys, chargers, etc.

Another packing tip that I have been experimenting a lot with is rolling up my clothes. Rolling up clothes, instead of folding them not only makes for an efficient use of space, but also saves them from creasing. Also, invest in travel-size toiletry items for it saves up a lot of space.

3. Always Research Your Destination

It always helps to arrive at a destination with some information about the place. Imagine going to Agra and not knowing what else to explore besides the Taj Mahal. But with a little research, you will know that there are plentiful of things to see in and around Agra. In today’s technology savvy era, there are apps galore to help you with your travel-related research. You can look up for best stay options, the sites to see, transportation options, eateries to nom at, and can also get helpful recommendations to make your trip more enjoyable.

4. Be Airport Ready

This is another tip that I am gradually becoming good at applying. First and foremost pointer, if you are travelling by air is to check-in online – it not just saves time at the airport, but also gives you a chance to get lucky with your choice of seat. Also, while you wait for your turn at the security scan, make sure you have taken care of the objectionable items that can hold you up there longer than you want. Keep your laptop (if you are carrying one) and phone ready for the scan tray, and your boarding pass handy for inspection.

Another hassle and time-saving tip is to opt for carry-on luggage instead of checking-in. This makes more sense as one can exit the airport immediately instead of waiting at the luggage belt and wondering if your bag will eventually show up at all. Though, of course, for this, you need to pack prudently!

5. Get Yourself Insured

We all hope and pray for happy trips. However, to be honest and practical, there are so many things that can go wrong while you are out of your comfort zone in a foreign land. Lost baggage, medical emergencies, and last minute cancellations—these are just a few circumstances that can cause you trauma. So to deal with such unexpected contingencies, buying a travel insurance plan always makes sense.

Earlier, I had a casual approach about travel insurance; however, with frequent travelling, I now understand how relevant travel insurance is and how it not just secures me against medical emergencies but also takes care of some travel inconveniences that I might encounter while ‘on the road’.

During my last trip, I compared a few policies online and eventually bought Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance policy because of its attractive premium rates and the many exclusive benefits it offered. Browsing through their website, I also came across the InsuraTravel that offers comprehensive health insurance with flexible premium combinations.

Coming back to travelling like a pro, travels, I believe, cannot always be 100% fool proof. But yes, being organised and planning beforehand goes a long way in making a trip an enjoyable one. I hope the simple tips I have listed above help you in your future travels. And if you have any tried and tested travel tips to share, then head below to the comments sections! Happy travels!

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