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Airbnb Has Got Me Daydreaming!

by Ragini Puri
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Travel accommodation facilitating website Airbnb has got me daydreaming about some really intriguing places that I would love to visit sometime soon, all thanks to its latest writing prompt asking travellers to create a list of top 5 most interesting places they would like to visit, and why.

As a travel blogger, prompts such as this are an opportunity to let my imagination run free and wild and make elaborate plans about the offbeat places I would love to travel to. So, my list was ready in a jiffy, since I already have a looooog list of places I would love to see and experience and I just had to narrow the list down to 5 places. So here we go! 

1. Homer, Alaska – Log Cabin on the last Frontier (Homer, Alaska, USA)

Ah, imagine living in a log house! And that too in Homer – the Halibut fishing capital of the world! Or to make it sound more romantic – ‘the cosmic hamlet by the sea’ or ‘the end of the road’! I can already imagine myself going fishing during the day, and lounging around the fireplace till late into the night! How idyllic!

2. Uummannaq, Greenland – Apartment in Uummannaq (Kitaa, Greenland)

I’ve been fascinated by Greenland since the time my Geography teacher introduced the country with a passing remark about how the name Greenland was actually a misnomer, given the fact that the country is very cold and icy in most parts. The early settlers named it Greenland, in the hope that the pleasant name would attract more settlers. And about why I picked Uummannaq in particular is the fact that it claims to be Santa’s home-town. Yes, Santa Claus is believed to have set up his summer castle here!

3. Grundarfjörður, Iceland – Charming house in Grundarfjörður (West Iceland)

The travel/adventure themed film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was shot here! Isn’t that a reason big enough to check this spectacular place for real? While the place is incredibly thrilling, the icing on the thrill cake would be the place I’ve selected to lodge in – a four bedroom house located in a small fishing village, surrounded by mountains!

4. Hólmavík, Iceland – A lovely rustic house by the sea in Hólmavík (Westfjords, Iceland)

Besides being a beautiful fishing town, Hólmavík’s claim to fame is the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft – a quirky museum that details the history of witchcraft in Iceland. Given my interest in history and folklore, and of course travel trivia, I am sure I’ll have an exciting time here.

5.  Kuhmoinen, Finland – Mairela Retreat Cottage (Kuhmonein, Finland)

Kuhmoinen completes my dream wishlist to top 5 places I would love to visit. Why Kuhmoinen? Because this small town is home to over 300 beautiful lakes spread over lush green Finnish forest. And the Mairela Retreat, my accommodation choice too is a lakeside cottage situated in the midst of the forest. It would be wonderful to spend some quality time here, recovering from the wear and tear of mainstream world.

So this was my fanciful travel wishlist, and to use the cliché, this is just the tip of the iceberg, since AirBnB has thousands of tempting accommodations listed on their website. For now I can only dream about this wishlist becoming a reality list.  The details about all the enticing places I have listed above figure in my wishlist on the AirBnB website. 

Now if this list has got you raring to travel the world and sample Airbnb’s accommodation, then go ahead and make a booking through this referral link – for it will get you some good discount on the booking! And in case you are yet to make your mind, then explore the Airbnb website and make your own travel wishlists, it’s a fun way to share your travel dreams with friends and family!

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